Chums Switchback Eyewear Retainer

Item#: 01-0110
Model#: 12308-100
Price: $9.99
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Product Summary

The Chums Switchback Eyewear Retainer is a one-piece molded retainer. The temple ends can support a wide variety of eyewear via its two-port design: one port for bigger frames and one port for smaller and wire frames. Flip the retainer upside-down for an off-the-neck look.

This product comes in a wide variety of colors.


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Download Manual

Download Manual
  • Features and Benefits

    Non-absorbent and stretchy

    UV and corrosion resistant

    Top port fits small or thin frames

    Bottom port fits standard and large frames

    Multiple attachment options both right side up and upside down

  • Product Specifications

    Color Black

    Does not support microbiological growth

    Resistant to oxidation, ozone, and UV light

    Fits over temples with rubber inserts

    Length: 17.75″

    Usable length: 15.5″

    Weight without packaging: 0.5 oz

  • Warranty

     Life time Manufacturer’s Warranty On Any Product Defect