Mini Matrix Message Board WVTM

Item#: 02-0024
Model#: WVTM
Price: $21,565.00

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Product Summary

Wanco Mini Message Signs are the ideal choice when you need to get information to the public. Mini-size signs provide versatility and great performance. Full-matrix signs provide the greatest flexibility for displaying any type of message—large or small letters, symbols, graphics. Graphics and text can be combined in the same message. Three-line message signs are capable of displaying three rows of alphanumeric characters. The ultra-bright, highly legible LEDs display your message clearly.

Changing the message is simple, as Wanco signs feature the easiest programming in the industry. The in-cabinet controller has a 7-inch LCD capacitive touchscreen. Signs come configured with preprogrammed standard messages. A quick-message function provides for display of select messages with a keystroke. Multiple programming options provide flexibility for multiple applications. Unsurpassed quality, engineering and value, paired with a multitude of functions and options, make these signs perfect for a wide variety of applications.

Meets NEMA TS 4-2005 Section 2 for ambient temperature, vibration, shock, electro-static discharge (ESD) and radio interference.

Wanco® message signs provide information to the public on a large, legible LED display. These signs are portable and self-powered, requiring no permanent installation or wiring. Wanco mini matrix signs are a compact version of Wanco’s full-size variable message signs, about 30% smaller, making them highly maneuverable and easy to deploy. The full-matrix display can present messages as text, graphics, or a combination of both. Messages are programmed using a self-contained on-board controller, making a laptop or external controller unnecessary. Signs come configured with pre-programmed standard messages, and users can create custom messages easily. For optimal positioning, the sign rotates independent of the trailer and its height is fully adjustable. Jack-legs and optional outriggers provide more adjustability and added stability. The trailer is easy to maneuver and deploy, and can be towed by most vehicles. Power is provided by batteries, which are charged by an automated solar charging system.

Download Manual

Download Manual
  • Features and Benefits

    Easiest programming in the industry

    Capacitive touchscreen controller

    Intuitive interface with large buttons

    Safer programming at eye level

    Multi-level password protection

    Out of reach of the casual hacker

    Better traffic visibility

    Less external wiring

    NTCIP compliant

    Durable powder-coat finish, custom colors available

    Standard tow hitch and removable draw-bar

    Low power consumption and more up-time

    Solar-charged deep-cycle batteries

    Cooling fans overheat protection

    Standard 15-amp AC charger included

    Energy efficient and superior performance

    Pre-programmed, custom and MUTCD graphics

    360° display rotation for optimal positioning

  • Product Specifications

    Resolution Four amber LEDs form each pixel

    Matrix 48 pixels wide, 27 pixels high

    Fonts 12 fonts, selectable

    Default font 5 x 7 pixels 3 lines of 8 characters max

    Default font size 8 x 12 in. (21 x 30 cm)

    Batteries Four 6 Vdc deep-cycle batteries wired for 12 Vdc power

    Battery capacity 430 Ah total capacity @ 12 Vdc

    Solar panels 85W minimum

    Weight Approx. 2640 lbs.

    Tires ST205/75 D15

  • Warranty

    Manufacture warrants to the original user that each product is free from defects in material and workmanship if properly installed, serviced and operated                      under normal conditions for a period of five years after being put into service.

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