Maxi-Heat MH1000 Construction Job-Site Heater

Item#: 02-0004
Model#: MH1000

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Product Summary

The Maxi-Heat® MH1000 FCS is produced to provide heat in severe conditions with two individually operating heater units providing up to a joined 1,000,000 BTU’s of heat. This construction job-site heater is perfect for any cold climates or winter weather. This warming system automatically calibrates each heater unit, so you don’t have to change nozzles or test and re-test with a smoke spot tester. Just flip the system on set the damper to the number shown on the color screen and press the start button. The iQ system takes care of the rest, offering a higher degree of fuel efficiency with less smoke and soot. With a Fluid Containment System (FCS) and a single cell, double wall steel fuel tank, this heater is a top choice for worry-free job sites.

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Download Manual

Download Manual
  • Features and Benefits

    Twin Frost Fighter IDF500 indirect-fired heating units

    Stainless steel heat exchanger

    16 in. diameter hot air outlet ducts

    6,200 CFM

     185 degree F temperature rise

     250 US gallon fuel capacity

    Over 30 hours continuous operation

    Adjustable height, reversible combination 2 in. Bulldog, 3 in. pintle hitch with safety chains

     Stop/turn/running lights

    15 in. tires and wheels

    Bacharach Smoke Spot Tester

    Engine block heater

    Fuel pressure gauges for heating units

    Allmand gold urethane paint finish

    2-16 in. x 10 ft. EnviroDuct with 3 ft. high-temp liner

    16 in. slip-lock connectors

     2-16 in. duct connector bands

    4-16 in. duct clamps

  • Product Specifications

    Engine: Caterpillar C1.5 liquid-cooled diesel, Low oil pressure / high temperature automatic shutdown

    Generator: 60 Hz, 9 kW single-phase

    Starting: 12 volt electric – Group 8D battery, Engine block heater, Glow plugs

    Fuel Capacity: 250 gallons: 2-100 gallon tanks for each heater and 1-50 gallon tank

    Fuel Consumption: Engine: 108 gph, Heater: 3.5 gph

    Operating Time: Approximately 30 hrs without refueling

    Heater: 2-I.C.E. Frost Fighter IDF 500 indirect-fired heaters, Up to 505,000 BTU/hr each, 1-16 in. duct flange per heater, Standard fuel pump pressure gauges, 2.3″ wc static pressure allows use of 110 ft. of 16 in. ducting

     Heated Air Outlet: 6,500 cfm total

    Temperature Rise: 185° F

    Trailer: Formed, welded steel frame, Adjustable height combination 2 in. ball, 3 in. pintle towing hitch, Heavy-gauge steel enclosure, Lockable access doors, 5,000 lbs. leaf spring axle, 15 in. wheels and tires, Safety chains, Front screw jack, Hour meter, Interior compartment light, Stop/turn/tail lights

    Dimensions: Height: 6 ft., Length: 16 ft., Width: 6 ft. 8 in.

    Weight: Dry: 3,500 lbs., Wet: 4,651 lbs.

    Options: Fabric-elastometer ducting 16 in. x 20 ft., Fabric-elastometer ducting 12 in. x 24 ft., CSA/Transport Canada Package, 12 in. dual duct outlet end cap, Combustible gas detection and shut-down system, Gas detection calibration and test kit, Bacharach smoke spot tester, Remote thermostat, Electric brakes, 16 in. slip lock duct connectors, 16 in. duct connector bands, Duct storage box

  • Warranty

    warranty-icon 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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