Goliath Glove and Utility Clip 30061-611

Item#: 01-0116
Model#: 30061-611
Price: $11.05
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Product Summary

This Goliath Glove and Utility Clip will lock your gloves and additional PPE or accessories to your person, tool belt, vehicle or workstation.  Multiple uses and applications include: most gloves (including firefighter and heavy-duty welding or electrical), tarps, drop cloths and covers, ear muffs and noise indicators, hoods, face shields and safety sleeves, knee and elbow pads, small respirators and masks, safety goggles and safety eyewear, lockout cables and hasps, key rings and padlocks, sorbents and other cleaning tools, and rigging slings and tethers. This glove and utility clip will hold up to 40lbs safely.



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Download Manual

Download Manual
  • Features and Benefits

    Locking camlock mechanism

    Spring loaded jaws

    Open to 1” Allow for 2” of total depth Hold up to 40 lbs securely

    Attachment point for a carabiner or lanyard

    Durable thermoplastic

    High abrasion resistance

    Excellent heat resistance

    Good dielectric properties

  • Product Specifications

    Color Neon Green

    Tested to 3,000 continuous cycles without loss of function or weight rating

    Cold temperature tested to 0 degrees F

    Multiple uses and applications

  • Warranty

     Manufactures Life Time Warranty Due to Defects