CHUMS Adjustable Orbiter Retainer 12420-749

Item#: 01-0111
Model#: 12420-749
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Product Summary

The chums Adjustable Orbiter Retainer comes weighing in at less than a gram. CHUMS Safety Adjustable Orbiter Retainer is an ultra-light unique design offering complete “off-the-neck” comfort and flexibility.

This is the eyewear retainer with an edge, the Adjustable Orbiter takes the simplicity of The Orbiter and adds a double-adjustable bead. Made of lightweight stainless steel, The Adjustable Orbiter is sleek and durable. It features flat low-profile temples that fit most eyewear frames.

This retainer is made of SS305 stainless steel and is manufactured from high-performance polymer materials. Constructed with high temperature, solvent, and weather resistance properties, the Adjustable Orbiter offers superior performance and durability in a variety of industrial, construction, and manufacturing environments.  The CHUMS Adjustable Orbiter goes down to a size 9.75″ and will enlarge to an adjustable size of 16″.

This product is proudly made in the USA. The product also has a lifetime warranty due to any product defects, normal wear and tear not included.

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Download Manual

Download Manual
  • Features and Benefits

    Fully adjustable

    Ultra-lightweight stainless steel

    SS304 Metal Detectable

    Flat, low profile temples

    Adjusts from 10” to 16.5”

    Available in Metals

  • Product Specifications

    Color silver

    Dual bead adjustability

    Suited to most any frame

    Made in the USA

     Stainless steel

  • Warranty


    Manufacturers Life Time Warranty Due To Defects