Arctic Radwear Blue Cooling Towel

Item#: HS-0004
Model#: RCS10
Price: $6.25
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Product Summary

The Radians Arctic Radwear Blue Cooling Towel is made with Advanced ARCTIC™ Technology that accelerates the evaporative cooling process.  Just soak the towel in water for 2 – 3 minutes and then experience cooling relief for up to 5 hours.  The Arctic Radwear™ Cooling Towel is designed to keep you cool during hot outdoor activities, such as construction work, tough workouts, or any strenuous outdoor or indoor activity.

Download Manual

Download Manual
  • Features and Benefits
    • •   Reusable Packaging Design.
    • •   Safe and Reusable, Jobsite Proven.
    • •   Anti-Microbial treated to help prevent mold build-up and unwanted smells.
    • •   Heat stress safety management.
    • •   Lasts up to 5 hours, depending on humidity levels.
    • •   Dimensions: 26″ x 17″
  • Warranty

    warranty-icon Product is 100% guaranteed against all manufacturers defects